2014 Acura ILX Maintenance Schedule

Acura ILX Montgomeryville PASome might wonder with the 2014 Acura ILX being manufactured with more standard parts and equipment that it will be easier to maintain. In reality, the latest version of the Acura sedan still includes extra comfort amenities and features that are well above “standard” on a practical level. Some examples include 17, not 16, inch wheels, a leather interior, automated seat positioning, and heated seats for the driver and front passenger. If this is a new definition of the word standard, some other carmakers are shorting their customers.

People might be attracted to the ILX at first because it provides a competitive, luxury sedan that doesn’t break the bank as much as some German or Asian alternatives. And it’s true that the Acura does seem to measure up in many respects, and it provides more car in terms of size, outside and inside. However, there are some other aspects underneath the body skin that need to be driven to be realized.

Engine and Performance

The ILX comes in multiple packages, depending what a buyer wants to have connected to the gas pedal. The base model includes 2.0 liter engine rates as V4, or a simple commuter engine. Alternatively, a car owner could instead opt for the 2.4 liter engine matches with a 6-speed manual transmission. Now the driver is moving up the range towards a V6 package. That said, the manual design is going to have the car in the shop more often dealing with clutch work than if it had an automatic transmission, but that’s years away from a brand new 2014 model.

Body and Interior

The seats in the ILX are intentionally designed to be supportive of a driver and passengers. That’s noticeable because in some cars, even more expensive ones, the buyer is expected to get used to the car instead. Further, there’s plenty of space inside, even for the 6-foot types. Additionally, there’s no worries about luggage storage. The trunk packs away 12.4 cubic feet, which is enough for multiple bags and commendable in a sedan.

As mentioned earlier, the ILX provides a driver a nice package comparable to some much more expensive competitors. That means the maintenance of the car shouldn’t be shirked to products one buys at the local dollar store. With four trim packages to choose from, there is plenty of variety for different car buyers and related budgets. Some of the benefits will include a moon roof, keyless start and door lock, controllable noise reduction, enhanced climate systems, electronic connections for smart devices, and seven-speaker sound system among other features. Added options come with the higher level trim packages as well, including voice command controls and a 10-speaker sound system.

In Summary

Maintaining a 2014 ILX according to its owner’s manual means not messing with a good thing. Bringing the car to an Acura dealership for regular oil changes, warranty repair and upkeep only makes basic sense, especially when the ILX is new and within its warranty period. Why risk going to a second-hand outfit and the less than stellar reliability of after-market parts being used? With an Acura dealership a 2014 ILX owner knows his car will be serviced by Acura-trained technicians and maintained with Acura genuine parts. Especially during the new car warranty period, working with a Montgomery Acura dealership is the approach gets the most out of the car and time on the road.

At Montgomeryville Acura, you and they can keep your service history online. You can register with the Acura Maintenance Schedule tool that sends you reminders in advance of the time for your next service visit. When Montgomeryville Acura knows the service you have received, they can confirm the quality of service and performance. You can schedule service online or make an appointment for service at 1009 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA at (866)-338-1084.


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