2014 Acura ILX Owner’s Manual

There’s a ton of information you can learn from the owner’s manual of your 2014 Acura ILX. Read on to get a brief overview of the information you can expect, and then click to the link to see for yourself. Remember that if you have specific questions about your vehicle, or general questions about maintenance and services, Montgomeryville Acura is here to help!

Driver and Passenger Safety Information2014-Acura-ILX-Owner-Manual

Discover the safety equipment that’s included in your vehicle, including information about any optional features you may have chosen, and learn simple ways to maximize your safety.

Instruments and Controls

The 2014 Acura ILX features many updated technological features, as well as the instruments and controls you’ve likely had access to on previous vehicles. Understanding how these features work together may take some getting used to, but this section will help make the transition flawless.

Tips on Comfort and Convenience Features

Making the most of your comfort and convenience features is simple when you check out these tips, provided directly by the manufacturer.


While there are generally accepted industry guidelines for services like tire rotation and oil changes, the right schedule for your 2014 Acura ILX may vary slightly from the right schedule for another vehicle. Check out the maintenance section to learn what maintenance services you should have, and how frequently to have them performed.

Appearance Care

Taking care of your car involves looking after the interior and exterior, and the mechanical components as well as the visually stunning features. Appearance care gives you tips on how to best care for your vehicle.

Taking Care of the Unexpected

With regular maintenance by a dealership like Montgomeryville Acura, the chances of break-down or repairs is lessened, but this section will help you prepare for the unexpected.

Technical Information

Get detailed information on the technical aspects of your vehicle, including weight, engine type, horsepower, and more.

Warranty Information

Learn the details on the standard warranties included on a new 2014 Acura ILX. All models have an extensive warranty, and knowing what’s covered and what isn’t can save you headache in the future. Also be aware that some aspects of the warranty may require you to get service or maintenance at an authorized Acura dealership like Montgomeryville Acura. Having these services performed elsewhere could void the warranty.

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