2014 Acura MDX Scheduled Maintenance

In the category of crossover-style SUVs, the Acura MDX has repeatedly gained lots of attention, particularly due to its three-row seating capacity and sleek body design. That said, the prior year MDX was already meant to be a commuter car, not a muscle-bound, trailer towing vehicle. The 2014 model was announced to be an even more fuel-efficient model. That said it also includes an all-wheel drive system, so there is promise with the new design as well.
Engine and Power

The prior model of the MDX saddled a 300 horsepower engine under the hood. The current engine in the 2014 model has been downgraded a bit with a 3.5 liter engine rated as a V6. The block puts out 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. However, new car buyer shouldn’t expect to have an easier time doing their own repairs. The engine is mounted in a transverse design which often leaves most first-time wrenchers scratching their head figuring it out. The efficiency in this power block puts the vehicle in the range of 21 mpg on average, and an even higher 27 mpg when running with an all-wheel drive transmission.
The engine design is controlled by a 6-speed transmission, but that doesn’t mean the car is designed for the next Gran Prix race. Instead, it runs with a smooth, quiet interior hum that won’t change sounds until the car is driving hard above the 4,950 rpm level. Then it will begin to kick in the higher demand on the engine. This level of design is so integrated, it’s literally impossible for a garage mechanic to replace parts without a $50,000 tool system behind him in the shop.
Body and Interior Maintenance

The interior of the 2014 MDX follows through with the same commitment to comfort as the rest of the car. Seats easily move and fold down for added convenience, while passengers enjoy DVD screens for added entertainment. As one sits inside the car, particularly with the upgrade models and their leather upholstery and metal and wood accenting, one realizes the car needs a professional for repairs, but the work is done so well, it can last for years before attention is needed.
In Summary

Because the nature and workmanship that has gone into the 2014 Acura MDX, it only makes sense to enjoy and utilize the maintenance services offered at a Montgomeryville Acura dealership where possible. It would be a shame to try and do anything with a half-effort otherwise. Using the right tools and the right training, an Acura dealership can keep a 2014 MDX running right for years after its purchase without issue. And given the fact that the car is well within in its warranty period for a number of years, every visit to an Acura dealership should be taken advantage as possible versus trying to go it alone with maintenance. Using the Acura 2014 MDX maintenance owner’s manual as a guide, a new car owner can easily keep his car on track with schedule appointments.

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