2014 Acura NSX Review – Philadelphia PA

Upon its inception, the Acura NSX rose to the top of the high-performance car segment. Performance enthusiasts were amazed by the sleek coupe’s easy to drive nature and super reliability. Sadly, the iconic sports car eventually ceased production. The 2014 Acura NSX Concept vehicle promotes an enthusiastic hope of a rebirth. Not surprisingly, cutting-edge technology will lead the new NSX into the future. The fuel efficiency of the proposed model is expected to exceed the old version by a substantial margin. An innovative transmission and engine platform will lure enthusiastic car fanatics from around the world. Staying true to tradition, the handling dynamics should be world-class.

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Like its predecessor, the new NSX will be prompted by a strong V-6 engine. However, to further boost efficiency and power, the mid-mounted engine will be combined with a slew of electric motors. This hybrid platform could yield a hefty 480 horsepower. A seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission will take care of the shifting duties. The potent coupe’s power will be transferred to the wheels via a nifty all-wheel-drive system, which enables the car to be driven on all road conditions. Bestowed with a light curb weight, sub-four second (0-60) times are well within reach. The power-to-weight ratio is on target to rival the most elite cars on the market. The new NSX hopes to deliver one of the best fuel efficiency ratings in its class. This will make the racy coupe a more than capable daily-driver.

From the outside, there is no denying the NSX’s performance-oriented styling. The concept is wider and lower to the ground than the previous NSX model. A unique set of headlamps dominates the front fascia. From the rear, the coupe exhibits an aggressive stance. The body lines flow effortlessly along the beautifully sculpted exterior. Large wheels enhance the racy persona of the NSX. On the inside, the car is strictly a two-seater with enough room for the necessary cargo. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.


  • high-performance hybrid engine
  • optimum fuel efficiency
  • elegant styling
  • LED-based headlights
  • AWD system


  • two-seater

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