2014 Acura TL Maintenance Schedule

Acura TL Regular Maintenance

Montgomeryville Acura is committed to helping you increase the longevity of your new 2014 Acura TL, and the best way in which to do that is to have regular maintenance. We can schedule your maintenance based on the recommendations of the manufacturer to ensure everything is running at top capacity. Sign up for our simple maintenance program and we’ll schedule everything for you. We’ll work around your schedule to make it as convenient as possible for you to get regular maintenance on your Acura.

Regular Oil Changes

Your car is designed to automatically display a “Maintenance Due” message to let you know it’s time to change your oil. This comes on after you’ve drive the recommended miles to get oil service, but remember that those who don’t put a lot of miles on their vehicle still need to have this done on a regular basis. If you’ve gone 12 months without setting this message because you haven’t hit the mileage recommendation, then it’s time to come in and get your oil changed. If the message comes on, then you know it’s time to come in. If we haven’t seen you for a year, then we’ll know it’s time to contact you and set up your oil change appointment.


Oil Change Specifics

When you come in for an oil change on your 2014 Acura TL, the oil change will be a multi-step process that includes replacing your engine oil and oil filter, as well as inspecting many parts of your vehicle, including:

  • Front and rear brakes
  • Adjustment of your parking brake
  • Tie rod ends, drain plug, steering gearbox, and boots
  • Brake hoses and lines
  • Fluid levels and conditions of fluids
  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension components
  • Driveshaft boots
  • Fuel lines and their connections
  • Expiration information for TRK bottle

These inspections help us ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. If you determine that there is a problem then we’ll notify you and get approval before moving on with additional maintenance or repairs.

Other Maintenance Services

Of course there are other maintenance services you should have done on your Acura. Some don’t need to be done very frequently, like the idle speed, which only needs to be checked every 160,000 miles, while others will need to be done more frequently, like replacing the dust and pollen filters, which should be done every 15,000 miles. The brake fluid should be replaced every 3 years, your valves should be adjusted every few oil changes, or if they get noisy, and the drive belt should be inspected every other oil change.

You’ll also need to have several components replaced on a rotating basis: spark plugs, timing belt and engine coolant. Your water pump and valve clearance need to be checked periodically. The good news is that Montgomeryville Acura will take care of all of this for you. To get started you simply need to make an appointment to bring in your 2014 Acura TL, which you can do online. We’ll then go over the specific maintenance schedule for your vehicle and will send you convenient reminders when it’s time for an appointment.

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