2014 Acura TL vs. BMW 3-Series

There are many luxury sedans available on the market for those that are interested in getting around in a vehicle that has plenty of elegance and cutting edge features. Car buyers in the Philadelphia area looking for a new luxury sedan may be trying to choose between the 2014 Acura TL (base model) and the 2014 BMW 320i. If you are attempting to decide which of these new sedans is best, consider the different specifications and features that each car comes with so you can make the choice about which one provides the most value for your money.

2014 Acura TL

The Acura TL has been a part of the luxury car market for close to two decades. It is one of Acura’s most prominent models. For 2014, the TL remains mostly unchanged, since it received aesthetic alterations and an improved engine in both 2012 and 2013.

2014 BMW 320i

The 320i is the base model of BMW’s well-known 3 Series. The 320i is a new trim that was created by BMW to make vehicles more accessible to a larger amount of car buyers. In the 2014 model year, BMW added some new trim options to the 3 Series lineup, including a four-door hatchback.

Interior and Exterior Features

As you would expect, both of these luxury vehicles offer some wonderful features on the inside and out. They both have power windows and door locks as well as a remote door unlock feature and adjustable front seats. However, the TL comes standard with leather-trimmed seats, which are only optional on the 320i. The TL also includes a power moon roof and a universal garage door opener, two features that are only options on the 3 Series.

On the exterior, both cars have automatic headlights as well as fog lights. The 2014 TL offers high intensity discharge headlights, which do not come standard on the 2014 320i. Both vehicles offer tie-downs in their cargo areas to help you keep your luggage secure.

Engine Performance and Gas Mileage

The 2014 TL and 2014 BMW 320i both provide great performance for their market segment. The new TL has the edge in engine performance, with a 6 cylinder with an estimated 280 horsepower engine that has 24 valves. The 2014 BMW 320i only has 180 horsepower and 16 valves.

Safety and Warranty Coverage

These two luxury sedans are evenly matched when it comes to most areas of their manufacturer warranty. However, the TL has a warranty of 72 months for the powertrain, while the 320i only offers 48 months. Both the 2014 Acura TL and the 2014 BMW 320i have similar safety ratings, and both also come with standard safety features for modern vehicles like a traction control system, brake assistance, and a vehicle stability control system.

The Verdict

Both of these automobiles are competitive in the luxury sedan market. When you compare the 2014 BMW 320i directly to the 2014 Acura TL, you will find the Acura TL provides more value because of its better engine, longer warranty, and wider array of features. If you live around Philadelphia, Landsdale, or other areas of eastern Pennsylvania, head to Montgomeryville Acura to get behind the wheel of the new Acura TL and experience its luxury and power for yourself.

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