2014 Acura TSX Maintenance Schedule

With a ranking of #3 out of the top twelve 2014 cars to be released by car manufacturers, the 2014 Acura TSX is hardly the car one is going to think about needing immediate maintenance. That said, like anything mechanical, the best way to keep it in good shape is to keep running clean with the right materials and consumables. And the TSX is definitely a sedan that a car owner will want to keep running right for years to follow after a purchase. Here’s why.

Performance and Engine
The TSX is a fun car to drive; that’s the resounding comment that keeps coming back on 2014 TSX reviews. The engine block only has a V4 rating of power, but it provides a snappy response for drivers. As an option, a buyer can also have V6 block instead, but many think there is very little difference between the two engine choices in practice. The power band is controlled by a 5-speed transmission that comes either as an automatic in the base package or a manual control as an option. In total there are five options available for engine setups, so a car buyer has lots to choose from.
Interior Maintenance
Inside the car, greasy maintenance is not going to be on the forefront of a driver’s mind. This is because the TSX sedan is an upscale package of comfort with room and support for passengers and the driver. The trunk space is passable but not the largest in the class of model.
A driver may feel a bit like he’s on a starship with the amount of buttons and controls available to him on the dashboard. Because there are so many options of switches, figuring out environmental controls, for example, can be a learning curve. However, once the system is understood, a driver will have lots of options to finesse his personal comfort zone.
Other features inside are going to add to the “bliss” factors as a driver enjoys this car. These include a surround-sound 7-speaker system, electronic hookups and hands-free control, a moon roof, navigation, and satellite radio.
In Summary
The best way to maintain a car design that the TSX brings along is to schedule it on a regular basis, per the owner’s guide, with a local Montgomeryville Acura dealership. Not only do they have the right training and tools to service Acuras correctly, there’s no guessing or oddball aftermarket parts being used to solve issue. And with a new car warranty in place for the first few years, there’s really no point in servicing a new 2014 Acura TSX anywhere else. Going with an Acura dealership for regular maintenance simply makes sense and confirms peace of mind for a new TSX owner.

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