Greenest Acura Vehicles in the 2015 Lineup

Efficiency and Acura go hand in hand. Over the years, Acura has added a number of features created to help drivers experience the great efficient performance they crave, and this year is no different. The lineup seen in the showroom at Montgomeryville Acura holds both great power and efficiency to deliver the green performance those in the Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Lansdale area are looking for. So the car buyers in the market for a great performance paired with practicality look no further than the greenest Acura vehicles in the 2015 lineup listed below.

Acura ILX

The Acura ILX is known for its powerful performance and advanced technologies. It’s also known for its efficiency. This vehicle has been designed to run on low viscosity oil and transmission fluid to help deliver great engine response and a green performance. It also uses low friction piston rings to deliver said efficient performance.

Acura RDX

Under the hood of the Acura RDX are a number of features geared toward providing a green performance. It uses Variable Cylinder Management to automatically allow the V6 engine to run on 6, 4, or 3 cylinders depending on the driving conditions. This results in an impressive fuel efficient performance. This system is also used to monitor a number of factors including throttle position and vehicle speed to identify the appropriate cylinder activation for the operating conditions. Plus, it helps monitor the catalytic-converter temperature to ensure it stays within the proper range to help keep low emissions.

Greenest Acura Vehicles

Acura MDX

The Acura MDX delivers a green performance using its overall body structure. The 2015 RDX was made 275 pounds lighter for improved efficient performance, handling, and a constant power to weight ratio. The tires are 18 and 19 inches to give about 20% less rolling resistance. This model also uses Variable Cylinder Management to help the engine run on a certain number of cylinders according to the present driving conditions.

Greenest Acura Vehicles

Acura TLX

The Acura TLX for 2015 has taken to reducing friction to provide an efficient driving experience. In this model, offset cylinders, a double arm chain system, and low-tension piston cylinders have been place within the vehicles systems. It also uses a number of features like the Variable Cylinder Management, Direct Injection, and more to provide an efficient and green performance

With each of these vehicles, drivers can experience a powerful performance on top of a green driving experience. Those interested can stop my Montgomeryville Acura, where we’re serving those from Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Lansdale, to check out these green vehicles in our showroom.

Greenest Acura VehiclesStop by Montgomeryville Acura and talk to anyone in our showroom for more information about the models listed above. Also, be sure to ask about taking one of the models in our showroom out on the road to see just how these vehicles perform when you’re behind the wheel. Experience the Acura performance and efficiency today and schedule your test drive online or in person at our location at 1009 Bethlehem Pick in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania today!

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