2015 Made in America Tour

made in america tour philadelphiaSummer in Philadelphia can never truly come to a close until you’ve had a sing-a-long with all of your favorite artists at the most epic music festival of the summer. This year, that festival is the 2015 Made in America Tour by Budweiser and it comes to Philly this September. If you’ve attended this event in years past, you know exactly what you’re in for and can skip down to the Lineup section where you’ll see all of the amazing acts Jay Z has lined up on the program this year. For those of you new to the festival, you can expect amazing music by your favorite performers with thousands of other music lovers just like you.


The Budweiser Made in America Tour comes to Philadelphia again this year with a hot lineup of all of your favorite artists. The tour comes to Philly September 5th and 6th and tickets already on sale. The event will take place at Ben Franklin Parkway, the same venue as last year. According to the official event website, “Jay Z personally curates the eclectic mix of artists performing at ‘Budweiser Made in America,’” which is probably why the lineup is so amazing this year.


So who’s going to be there? Beyoncé is headlining along with The Weeknd. And there’s a whole beautiful list of amazing artists you’ll have the pleasure of listening to live if you decide to attend the event. Here is just a sample of who will be at the festival this year:

  • Axwell & Ingrosso
  • J. Cole
  • Bass Nectar
  • Modest Mouse
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Banks
  • Fabulous
  • Nick Jonas

There are many more, including obscure artists you’ve never heard of and a few you absolutely adore. Check out the official event website for the full lineup and to learn more about all of the artists who will be at the 2015 Made in America Festival in Philadelphia this year.


Tickets to this event are on sale now and will likely sell out. So if you’re interested, head on over to the tickets section and grab your two day passes now. Passes for the two day festival are $150 each, which, when considering the incredible lineup, is almost a steal.


busweiser made in americaIf you’ve never been to a music festival, there are a few pointers you’ll want to know before heading to the 2015 Made in America Tour. First of all, if you are expecting a quiet, comfortable and serene music-listening experience, this is not the place for you. You can expect to meet interesting people who love music as much as you do and will probably be enjoying the adult beverages on tap.

Also, be sure to pack light. The last thing you want to do is worry about carrying around a bunch of stuff while swerving in and out of people to get to the right place when your favorite act is on. Above all, prepare to let loose and have a fun time!

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