3 Best Escape Rooms in Montgomeryville PA Will Leave You Mystified

Escape rooms are the latest craze to capture and delight the attention of so many. Inspired by “escape-the-room” video games, they challenge you and a group of your friends or family to find a way out of an enclosed space by interacting with the room itself and finding well-placed clues.

If you live in Philadelphia, Lansdale, or Doylestown, you won’t want to miss these exciting and puzzling Montgomery-area escape rooms:

Escape the Room

This Philly-area game room offers a variety of exciting escapes. For classic adventure, try The Dig, an Indiana-Jones style excavation with hidden twists and turns. Three Mile Island takes place inside a nuclear power plant (what could go wrong?), and a pair of Agency games let you tests your skills as a secret agent.

Escape the Room has earned accolades for its difficult and challenging nature.  Book your game now!

Escape Room Mystery

Escape Room Mystery outside of Philadelphia lets you choose your own adventure. Find yourself locked in an ancient Egyptian tomb or working in the lab of the mad Dr. Heisenberg. You may have to steal secrets from British loyalists before they discover your treachery or play a crazy game to inherit your eccentric uncle’s fortune.

You won’t want to miss these varied and engaging mystery games, and you can decide which one will intrigue you most on the Escape Room Mystery website.

Expedition Escape

Expedition Escape offers escape rooms in Montgomeryville for players at all levels. Seasoned takers will enjoy “Da Vinci’s Office,” in which you must find a way out of Da Vinci’s private quarters using clues that delve into the mind of the master painter himself.

But there’s lighter fare, as well. “Santa’s List” prompts you to find Santa’s Naughty List and remove your name from it—it’s geared toward beginners. And “Lost Teddy,” in which—you guessed it—you have to find a missing teddy bear, is for kids only.

You can visit Expedition Escape on the web to learn about these challenges and more.

Escape for Your Weekend Fun in Montgomeryville PA

Think you have the smarts to solve these confounding puzzles? Now’s your chance to find out. Book your game by clicking on one of the links above, and lead your friends and family on a venture of thrills, team-building, and fun for all!