5 Benefits to Buying a Certified Pre Owned Acura

There are several reasons to go for a used car over a new one. There’s even a common wisdom out there that says buying a gently used car around two or three years old is a better buy than a brand-new one, as it’s gotten all its early drive kinks out and still has many perks of a new car.

cardeal6(c)When you do go for a used vehicle in Doylestown, Lansdale or Philadelphia, make sure the car you’re buying is a certified pre-owned vehicle, so you get the necessary safeguards to make sure your new-to-you car runs like a brand-new one for years to come. Discover five benefits of purchasing a certified pre-owned Acura, and where you can go to test drive and find your next luxury sedan or SUV today!

Certified Pre-Owned Acura Program

Acura’s Certified Pre-Owned Program allows you to get models from a range of styles and model years at a price point that’s significantly lower than a new car. These cars are put through a thorough head-to-tail inspection program and given all the repairs needed to make them perform like new. This inspection covers 182 points, all of which must pass before the car can be sold.

Extended Warranty

Each certified pre-owned Acura vehicle gets an extended warranty that offers almost exactly the same benefits as you’d get on a brand-new car. If anything under the warranty goes wrong, just bring it in to be repaired by one of our expert Acura technicians.

Acura Financing

Because these vehicles carry a lower price point, they also tend to carry lower interest rates to finance. Because Acura vehicles are known to perform well, and the certified badge tells the dealer that your car will run like new, it’s very easy to finance.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Acura offers an iron-clad satisfaction guarantee for pre-owned certified vehicles. If within a specified period of time and within certain mileage restrictions you’re not completely happy with your vehicle, just bring it back and swap it out for another. This even applies to vehicles that suffer warranty-covered damage!

Perks and Incentives

Acura offers outstanding incentives and perks for ownership of their vehicles. For example, while your car is under warranty, you qualify to get Roadside Assistance! In addition to the chance to check out the amazing quality of Acura vehicles, this is a great reason to own one.


Because the certification process includes such a thorough and intensive inspection and repair process before it goes on the lot, you know for a fact you’re getting a vehicle that’ll run like new. You needn’t worry about breakdowns or problems, and if anything does go wrong, you have warranty coverage! All of the above combine to create supreme peace of mind in your ownership.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles at Montgomeryville Acura

Drivers in Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Lansdale know there’s only one place to go for an outstanding certified pre-owned vehicle, and that’s Montgomeryville Acura. If you’d like to know more or explore our pre-owned options, come on down to our showroom, browse our inventory, and take a test drive today!

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