5 Things to Pack in Your Acura for Summer Roadtrips


Summer is the season for roadtrips. The higher temps and brighter, longer days seem to beckon you out into the wide unknown. You feel your inner Jack Kerouac tingling with excitement at the idea of exploring. You can’t wait to peel down the interstate at the speed of joy, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and not a care in the world.

But not so fast. Spontaneity and zero-to-sixty go hand in hand, but even your most inspired ideas can sour pretty fast without proper prep. Note: keep a few grab n’ go bags of roadtrip necessities on hand for those moments when opportunities knock at your door and refuse to go away. But what to put in your grab n’ go?

1. First Aid

It’s sobering, yes. The mere thought of illness rearing its head to rain on your roadtrip parade. But maladies happen. Be prepared to brandish a Band-Aid and get on with your travels. Pain killers, topical antimicrobial, hand sanitizer, suntan and moisturizing lotions, and mosquito spray are musts.

2. Toiletries

Everything you need to keep yourself fresh. On blue highways and in small towns, the hotel rooms and couch-surfer fans might be slim pickings or just plain seedy. Be ready to rough it in your backseat for a minute without ending up looking like a hobo. You’ll get much better responses wherever you go if you keep your appearance and odor kosher and crisp. Deodorant? Check. Towelettes? Check.

3. Clothing and Undergarments

Just the essentials. You won’t have to stroll any runways. But depending on the length of your trip, you’ll want to at least have one to wear and one to wash of several key outer garments and unmentionables. A light jacket, swimwear, socks, hat, shorts and T-shirts, for example.

Also, a single dress shirt or blouse prepares you for a surprise invitation to a chichi restaurant. Or you might decide to swing by a happening club while breezing through some trendy Southern metropolis. Then again, you might spend most of your time driving, eating and sleeping. Who knows? Better to be safe and appropriately clothed.


4. Gadgets

Whatever you’ve got going on in the tech department that’s small, user friendly, efficient, loaded with apps, and practically made for sojourns, take it with you. GPS, camera, iPhone, tablets, eReaders.

Bring all corresponding adapters, plugs and chargers. A USB stick and extra memory cards, too. And keep your gadgets on your person at all times.

5. Peripherals

Do take any camping equipment with you, such as maps, a backpack, tent, mat, pillow and blanket; flashlights, umbrellas, and a rope, too, the last being handy in case you have to do laundry and want to hang-dry your clothes. Take additional bedsheets for stretching across windows and windshields for privacy.

Lastly, keep a pre-filled gas can in the trunk. Knowing it’s there will ease your mind during long stretches of road when the fueling stations are few and your tank is close to empty.

Get Ready to Roll

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