Which Acura is best for families?

When you’re young, the kind of car you buy is all about you. How you look in it, how you feel in it, how it drives on the open road. When you have a family, everything changes — including the way you look at cars. Vanity takes a backseat and safety becomes the driver. Where speed once mattered, collision durability takes over. Basically, when your family is along for the ride, you need a reliable vehicle that can take just about anything. If you’re looking for a car to protect yourself and the people you love, consider an Acura TL.

The Acura brand has a long, celebrated history in the car world and, when family is on the travel line, the Acura TL won’t disappoint. This midsized car lives in the upscale world of sedans. However, don’t let a fancy label fool you. You get what you pay for with this vehicle.


The inside of an Acura TL has everything that a hi-tech car lover could want and more. Bluetooth connectivity comes standard, as well as a USB port and IPod-friendly software. This car is made to connect with a virtual world and, honestly, who doesn’t need that connection these days? Being in the midsize family means it’s on the roomier end of cabin space. When you’re toting the family around, having some elbow room really matters. There’s another nice feature that comes along with this savvy car: quiet. Specialized gearing has placed the Acura TL in the enviable ‘quiet’ zone, meaning the engine noise won’t overpower the people noise.



You don’t have to completely ignore your inner speed freak with the Acura TL. The V6 engine provides plenty of horsepower and the 6-speed transmission is a nice bonus. The car’s fuel efficiency will keep you from breaking the gas bank and its sleek design can turn a head or ten. Getting back to the bigger picture of family, the Acura TL is equipped with a blind spot system that can help keep your loved ones safe.

Wrapping it up, the Acura TL is a smooth car that is good on safekeeping. It looks nice, rides great, protects its passengers, and is worth every pretty penny. If you are in the market for a vehicle that is safe, but still undeniably gorgeous, this is the car you should see. Take a look, take a drive, then take it home. You won’t be sorry.  

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