Best Snow Tires for Your Acura

Winters in the Doylestown, Lansdale and Philadelphia areas can be rough for drivers with all kinds of vehicles. Those with Acura models from Montgomeryville Acura can experience a bit of ease when driving with the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive and traction control, however, adding snow tires to the mix can provide the performance needed to get you through the snow and ice covered roads. But snow tires come in many sizes and shapes, so it can be challenging to find the right tire for your model. To help our customers find what they need, we here at Montgomeryville Acura are describing some snow tire information and a list of snow tires for your Acura below.

Snow Tire Information

Snow tires provide drivers in living in colder climates with a list of benefits to help drive through winter road conditions. They are designed with a unique tire tread and compound that works to deliver the performance needed for the season. These tires are incorporate a high sipe density for added road traction, and the grooves on the tires take the water, ice, snow, and slush, and channel it away from the surface of the tire to generate more traction. In addition, snow tires work well with the other systems in your vehicle like traction control and the Anti-Lock Braking System to help prevent brake lock ups and wheel spin.

Snow Tires for Your Acura

When it comes to your Acura, you want a great performance to help get you through the snowy and icey roads. With snow tires, you can get the performance you’re looking for and the confidence you need when behind the wheel.

For the Acura RLX, you can consider the Goodyear Ultra Grip 8 Performance tire. This features a saw shaped center rib that grips to snow covered streets to deliver traction. The tire includes sipes with biting edges as well for braking power on winter road condition. When driving on slush, this tire also helps channel water away with directional tread patterns.

Also for the Acura RLX is the Dunlop SP Winter Sport M tire. It utilizes the directional tread pattern and high density sipes to bring you a better handling experience when driving through winter roads.

Those with the Acura MDX can take a peek at the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 that is made with the NanoPro-Tech rubber compound that helps makes the tire more flexible to changes in road conditions and provides a great winter condition performance.

Roads in Philadelphia, Doylestown and Lansdale can be difficult to drive through during the cold winter, and while Acura models from Montgomeryville Acura have the technology to help get through, pairing them with snow tires will deliver the performance you’re looking for to take one the winter roads.

Snow Tires at Montgomeryville Acura

This year, take a trip to Montgomeryville Acura and pick up a pair of snow tires for your Acura, and if you have any questions or concerns about snow tires and the ones needed for your model, speak to any one of our service advisors today.

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