What is AcuraLink™ and why you should get it

Obtaining help with navigation should always be flawless and safe – no dangerous glimpses at the constant barks of commands or your smartphone. Luckily, Acura has made it a lot simpler for you to reach your destination with its infotainment network called AcuraLink™. It is a cloud-based system which is available through your wireless device or embedded technology and is available on the Acura RLX sedan.

As a driver, you can access thousands of media feeds, news, and information from anywhere around the world. The AcuraLink™ system pairs with Android and iOS smartphones to deliver emails, podcasts, tweets, and streaming music. You can control everything by means of your steering wheel or touchscreen. Through various reviews, many people conclude that its standout feature is The Real-Time Traffic function.

AcuraLink Dashboard PA

The Real-Time Traffic Function

As you drive down the highway in your new luxury sedan, you will be alerted to traffic flow, construction delays, and accidents ahead, thanks to the implanted tech that follows instantaneous movements of vehicles on the highway. Drivers will have the added advantage of nabbing automatic re-routing to find the speediest path to your chosen destination.

However, this is where the system really shines – it tells you of any traffic snags and other probable delays on surface roads or streets as well. Its Eco Route tool contributes greatly in terms of fuel consumption data for better fuel-efficient driving and traffic congestion. As long as you have Internet access, you can check your tire pressure, flash the car lights, and even lock the doors from across town or the parking lot, as long as you have Internet access. Are there any reasons for anybody not to want this system?


From Standard to Premium Packages

AcuraLink™ is available in three different prices and packages (standard to premium) that can certainly keep you away from any type of road rage.

The Standard Package – this is free for the first three years and comes with your in-car and linked device services. With your smartphone application, it is easy to preset all your favorites and take pleasure in personalized content from sites, such as Twitter, NPR, and Yelp.

The Connect Package – this package consists of functionality of a rooted mobile phone in the RLX for additional safety and convenience. There is also a local search feature to spot any nearby places of interest and an emergency SOS selection with live operators. Additionally, you will receive a number of features, for instance a virtual dashboard, pedestrian routing and navigation, and parking meter assist for hassled errand activities.

The Premium Package – If you want the most luxurious experience with AcuraLink™, this package is definitely the right choice. It consists of a live-mobile concierge service that offers around the clock assistance. Are you in need of a dinner reservation? Get hold of the concierge service and within minutes, you will have your reservation. You can obtain information on the latest weather forecast and straightforward direction to any of your chosen destinations. 


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