Acura’s Collision Mitigation Braking System™ Explained to Montgomeryville, PA Drivers

Active safety features are the next step in driving and safety technology. They aim to alert the driver of situations they may not be aware of. Many, like Acura’s Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) actively take steps to avoid an impact or reduce the severity of an unavoidable one. Manufacturers like Acura hope these technologies, alongside diligent driving habits, can reduce the number of accidents on the road.

Understanding how CMBS™ works can help Doylestown, Lansdale, and Montgomeryville drivers use the system to its best abilities and get the most out of their Acura vehicles. They can read on to learn the details and then come to Montgomeryville Acura for a live demonstration.

Acura Radar Road Scanner

Central to the CMBS™ system is its tiny millimeter wave radar sensor concealed behind the grille of models like the Acura RDX, MDX, ILX, and more. This radar constantly sends out ultra-high frequency waves to detect vehicles and objects on the road up to 330 feet ahead.

When an object is detected within the minimum threshold distance, the system will react in three distinct stages. Note that not every stage will activate depending on the situation. If the driver reacts in time, only Stage 1 or 2 will happen, for instance. Or, if an object emerges unexpectedly, the system may immediately activate Stage 3.

Stage 1: Sound the Alert

At Stage 1, the CMBS™ will activate a yellow Brake warning signal on the gauge cluster, along with yellow warning lights on the Heads-Up Display. A warning beep will sound, alerting the driver that a risky situation may be developing.

Drivers can respond by increasing the distance between them and the object ahead, slowing down, or changing to a different lane. Should the distance close further, the CMBS™ enters Stage 2.

Stage 2: Beeping Intensified

At Stage 2, the CMBS™ continues the alerts from Stage 1, but may also automatically apply light braking. The system will also likely give the driver’s seat belt a slight tug as a physical reminder of the incoming object.

Stage 3: Bracing for Impact

Should the driver not respond to the first two stages, or if a risky situation emerges quickly, the vehicle will retract the driver’s seat belt to position them optimally for an impact situation. It’ll also apply hard braking to attempt to avoid or mitigate the impact.

Adjusting the CMBS™, and Driving Responsibly

Drivers can adjust the distance at which their CMBS™ alerts or activates within the Vehicle Settings menu under Driver Assist System Setup and Forward Collision Warning. Long, Normal, and Short Distances may be used.

A driver can also deactivate the CMBS™ entirely using the button to the left of the steering column. This will not affect other systems like Active Cruise Control.

Always remember that a system like CMBS™ is not designed to make decisions for the driver but rather to supplement their actions should a situation escalate quicker than they can react. Stay vigilant while driving, and the AcuraWatch suite of technologies will protect you even further.

Doylestown, Lansdale, and Montgomeryville drivers can explore all the advanced features, in addition to CMBS™, that the Acura lineup offers when they come into Montgomeryville Acura for a test drive.

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