Best Acura SUV Oil Brands

There are many people in the Philadelphia, Lansdale, and Doylestown area who have recently purchased an Acura from Montgomeryville Acura. Some have been long-term owners of an Acura SUV, but others are new to the versality and ingenuity of their Acuras.

Although Acura SUVs are well-made, unless a driver takes care of it, then it’s destined to cause them future problems—no matter how dependable a vehicle may be. That’s why so many people ask a very common question: what are the best oil brands for your Acura SUV?

The Different Oil Brands Available

When it comes to engine oil, the brand of oil may not be as big of an issue as the type of oil that is used. However, quality brands like Pennzoil, Quaker State, Valvoline, and Mobil 1 are suitable options. There are also less synonymous brands like Amsoil, Royal Purple, and manufacturer motor oil like AC Delco and Motorcraft. These are also decent quality oils.

However, what’s more important to take into consideration is the oil weight and manufacturer recommendations.

The Importance of Oil Weight

It’s vital to understand that different weights of oil are best for distinct types of engines and different types of climate. Some owners may change the weight of oil in regard to the season. In summer, for example, oil tends to thin out in warm weather, which is troublesome: oil must remain thick to function properly. This same oil can thicken up too much in colder weather, so an owner might change to a thinner oil over those long and cold Pennsylvania winters.

Following the Manufacturer’s Recommendations

The best way to choose the motor oil that is used for a particular vehicle is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Every vehicle has a recommended weight of oil that can be used year-round. Some owner’s manuals may offer the owner a bit of flexibility in terms of using different weights of oil in different climates, but following the manufacturer’s recommendations will ensure that a person is putting the right type of oil in their vehicle.

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The best oil brands for your Acura SUV may come down to personal taste rather than quality. With so many quality motor oil manufacturers available in the Lansdale, Doylestown and Philadelphia, PA, area, it will likely boil down to choosing the right weight of oil that is recommended for your vehicle.

If you’re due or past due on an oil change, you may want to contact Montgomeryville Acura to schedule a service appointment. Our team at Montgomeryville Acura is dedicated to helping drivers like you maintain the health of their beloved Acura vehicles.