Zucchini be Kidding Me if You Haven’t Tried these Healthy Restaurants near Philadelphia

Going out to eat is such a fun, social pastime that brings family and friends together. Shouldn’t your meals reflect that energy with colorful, nutrient-dense, tasty eats that leave you feeling re-fueled and ready to take on what’s next?

Yes, food can be healthy, filling, and delicious! If you don’t believe us, let these three heathy eateries near the City of Brotherly Love convince you!

Charlie was a sinner.

We can’t speak for Charlie’s actions, but when you visit Charlie was a sinner. in Philly, you’ll know you’ve made some good decisions. This swanky vegan spot declares their specialties right up front: small plates and strong drinks, making it a great restaurant for happy hour with co-workers or friends. Charlie’s mix masters can make classic cocktails or one of their signature swills using super fresh fruits, garnishes, and house infusions.

To snack while you sip, try their Roasted Cauliflower Steak made with Indian spices and an almond puree, or Silken Tofu & Mushroom Ramen featuring an umami-rich broth that’s chock full of Asian vegetables. Make your reservation at Charlie was a sinner. on OpenTable.

The Couch Tomato

On top of sourcing ingredients from organic farmers, sourcing ingredients locally provides the freshest possible dishes. Such is the crusade of The Couch Tomato, a healthy Manayunk café and bistro on a mission to serve tantalizing eats with known origins.

The Couch Tomato Café is known far and wide for its artisanal pizza that has the crust, cheese, and sauce ratio down to a beautiful science. This makes a stunning backdrop for top-notch ingredients, like in the Honey Chipotle Chicken pie.

At the Couch Tomato Bistro, savor divine fish entrées like Pan Roasted Cod served with corn chowder and a zesty orange fennel salad, or lipsmack a Vegan Black Bean Burger with house made BBQ sauce. Enjoy the convenience of ordering online, or download the café mobile app.

Real Food Eatery

It’s in the name and it’s on your plate. Philly’s own Real Food Eatery sources ingredients in their natural state using fewer fixings in the cooking process to make each of their offers truly shine. A well-balanced meal at Real Food allows you to choose one entrée seared to order, like Salmon Filet with lemon juice, salt, and pepper, a base like Quinoa or Chopped Kale, and two sides like Parmesan Roasted Broccoli or Brussels Slaw with Cranberries and Roasted Pepitas.

Or, choose a fan favorite bowl like the Rainbowl with spring mix, beets, sweet potato hummus, brussels, sesame and siracha. Feast your eyes on their vibrant bowls when you follow Real Food on Instagram.

Cheers to Healthy Eats!

Eating healthy tastes great and makes you feel great too. With a scrumptious selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and ultra-fresh meal options, these restaurants near Philadelphia make it so easy to feed your body and your soul. Grab some friends and try them out today!