Why Buying Certified Pre Owned Acura is as Good as Buying New

One of the things which we all must decide about when making a car purchase is what type of car will it be? Luxury car? SUV? New or used? However, there is one thing which has been shown to be true for many years and remains true today: Acura is one of those names which when bought as a certified pre-owned car may even be a better buy than a new model.

Of course, there is nothing like the feel of putting the first few miles on your brand new Acura. However a certified pre-owned Acura may be just as good as buying one new.


Value: One of the biggest reasons for buying a certified pre-owned vehicle as opposed to a new one would be the savings. If you buy a one-owner certified pre-owned car from a quality Acura dealership you are pretty well guaranteed to have a good car buying experience. Buying new off the lot you know how much that is going to cost. Buying certified pre-owned you may have some wiggle room on price depending on the mileage  on the vehicle when you buy it.

Retained Value: Even though you will be making some pretty decent savings by taking on a certified pre-owned vehicle you are not losing nearly as much of the intrinsic Acura value as you may believe. So your car will cost you less but so long as you continue to care for your car, you will still be able to hold onto a lot of that intrinsic value that goes hand in hand with the Acura brand.

Luxury Features Standard: Another great thing about buying your certified pre-owned Acura vehicle is that you are going to get a lot of the accouterments that the original buyer got with the car as your starting point. You won’t need to haggle over the details of things like power windows, moon roof, hi-fi stereo system, Wi-Fi capability and on and on if they already come with the pre-owned vehicle.

Mileage: Kelly Blue Book reminds luxury car owners that Acura consistently remains in the top 10 of luxury auto makers for fuel efficiency. So long as you feed your car the right fuel and treat your car the way you should, something like fuel efficiency isn’t going anywhere.

Certified Pre-Owned: Another great point about the relative value of a certified pre-owned Acura vehicle is that it is certified pre-owned. You are getting the Acura name standing behind the Acura name. Moreover you can be certain that the servicing that your certified pre-owned vehicle underwent was exhaustive and thorough. 

Whether you are looking for new or certified pre-owned you need to only work with the very best. In and around Montgomeryville, PA informed car shoppers know that Montgomeryville Acura has got your best interests in mind, always. 

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