What Is the Cost of an Emissions Test During Inspection?

car inspectionsYou know that your car must pass an emissions test to be able to drive it legally in Philadelphia, Lansdale and Doylestown, but do you understand the importance of this test? Or the cost?

Montgomeryville Acura wants to make sure you’re informed when it comes to your inspection. Keep reading to learn more about your emissions test.

Understanding Emissions Testing

Your vehicle must meet specific standards in order for it to pass the emissions test. There are certain reasons that your engine will cause your vehicle to fail the test.

  • Fuel Meter: Your fuel meter can end up out of specification, due to issues with the computerized engine control, carburetor or fuel injector. This will keep your vehicle from passing emissions until it has been corrected.
  • Oxygen Sensor: If your oxygen sensor is not functioning properly, it can lead to your vehicle overheating and even a loss of acceleration power.
  • Vacuum Leaks:  A leak in the vacuum is typically caused by a malfunctioning MAP sensor, which measures the internal combustion of the engine’s electronic control system.
  • Ignition System: If your ignition system is faulty, it can cause high Hydrocarbons which can lead to defective spark plugs, advanced ignition timing or worn distributor cap.
  • Air Injection System: The function of the air injection system is to reduce the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide that your vehicle gives off. When this system isn’t working properly, the engine cannot control the emission levels of these gases.

About the Test

The emissions test is performed by measuring the levels of emission gases that are in a vehicle. These levels are measured with different types of gas analyzers. Each analyzer plays a different role.

  • First is the four gas analyzer. This is used to monitor the four gases that EPA emissions standards require to be monitored in a vehicle which includes carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
  • The five gas analyzer measures these gases in addition to nitrogen oxides.
  • Portable gas analyzers utilize infrared technology to measure the temperature of the emission gases.
  • Diesel smoke analyzers are used for vehicles that utilize diesel.

Pricing of Emissions Testing

Some shops combine the emissions test with the total price of the inspection. However, it’s important to be careful that your inspection includes the emission tests. Some shops do not include emissions testing in your inspection, causing you to pay an additional fee.

Typically, inspection with emission costs around $40 to $50. This price varies depending on what shop or center you go to in Philadelphia, Lansdale and Doylestown.

At Montgomeryville Acura, our automotive service department offers many vehicle maintenance services that you’ll need to keep your vehicle up and running. Regularly scheduled maintenance includes oil changes, tire replacements and even vehicle inspection. If you’re in need of an inspection and emissions test, our reputable service department is trained to conduct this testing.

Whether you’re looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle, or you’re in need of some service, Montgomeryville Acura will get the job done. Click here to schedule an appointment today.

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