Detailing your Car Exterior for Summer

Here comes summer, which means preparing your Acura for warm temps and the sun’s harmful UV rays by performing some exterior detailing.

Detailing is much more than the vacuum and washing we routinely give our cars. It can be labor intensive, but spending the time to do it right at the beginning of the season will give your car that show-worthy look it deserves.

Professional detailers at Acura dealerships, such as Montgomeryville Acura, have many tricks, products, and techniques they use to get windows shining, ventilation grilles looking crisp, and wheels gleaming. To get those professional results yourself, use products that are created specifically for areas such as trim, wheels, and windows. Name brands will prove a safe bet—just make sure to read the labels first, so you get the best finish. Then follow these steps for eye-popping results:

  1. Begin by giving your car a proper wash down, including the wheels. This step is vital, as any dirt left on your car when you begin to detail will end up scratching the finish.

Use firm pressure to hose down the car, applying the wash from your hose as a small funnel, not a laser. Start from the top, working your way down, and apply the rinse for a few minutes so the surface dirt softens and breaks free from the paint.

There are some detergent products you can add to a bucket of water and then throw the mix over car. Designed to loosen dirt before hosing down, let the mix sit on the car for a minute or so before rinsing.

  1. Next soap down the car, again working from the top down to the bottom, as washing from the bottom up can track dirt from your car’s sills onto your shiny finish.

Don’t use sponges, as they’re likely to scratch the paint. Some experts suggest using a clay bar at this point to remove contaminants. Use a soft lamb’s wool wash mitt, like chamois, which tends to have a lifting effect on dirt rather than the dragging effect from a sponge.

  1. Thoroughly rinse again, hosing down any remaining soap and dirt, and then wipe the vehicle down with the chamois. If you don’t mind replacing it every year, choose a thick, quality leather chamois. Be sure to wipe down the trim, doorjambs, and trunk.
  1. Polishing the exterior is a three-step process. Taking the time to do each one ensures a killer finish. Best results come from speed and that means a dual action polisher with the right pads (you’ll need three). Use the first pad to apply your paint cleaner, the second to apply the polish, and the third for wax application. Use product sparingly on small areas so you don’t spend excess time buffing. After completing each area, wipe down the finish with a microfiber cloth.

The waxing, or sealing, stage, which protects the finish and seals in the shine, is done a little differently. The choice is yours, but there are some differences between waxes and sealers. Waxes tend to last a shorter time, but the finish is natural, with lots of depth and a beautiful shine. Sealers last longer, but the finish can appear more artificial, like a mirror.

After applying the wax or sealer to your car, let it to set for about 30 to 60 minutes. Wipe off the wax or sealer with a clean soft cloth.

If you’re not comfortable following the tips above or don’t have the time to detail your own Acura vehicle for the summer, stop in to Montgomeryville Acura and we’ll do it for you. We offer a variety of different detailing packages, from Express Wash and Wax to our full-detail Platinum Package. We’re happy to take your 2015 Acura MDX or pre-owned car and get them looking brand new to drive around with the windows down this summer.

Stop by our dealership today at 1009 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, PA 18936. We look forward to servicing you!


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