How to Get Salt Stains Out of Your Acura’s Interior

Winters are rough on your vehicle. Between the cold making it harder for your engine to start and the road salt taking a toll on your vehicle’s exterior, there’s a lot to pay attention to that is not necessarily relevant in other seasons. One of the biggest challenges car owners face during winter is removing salt stains from the interior of your vehicle. Over time the salt can cause real damage and considerably lower the resale value of the vehicle. For this reason, your friends at Montgomeryville Acura have put together this helpful guide for removing salt stains from your Acura vehicle’s interior.

Start on the Exterior

Most of the time experts recommend starting on the inside of the vehicle when doing any DIY detailing work. But when it comes to removing salt stains we suggest you wash and dry the exterior of the vehicle first. Why? Because whether it’s from your shoes, your hands, or your clothes, the salt gets in the vehicle when you do. So to ensure there isn’t going to be any salt getting in the vehicle while you’re cleaning, you should rid of the salt deposits on the exterior first.

Clean the Interior

After you’ve washed and dried the exterior of the vehicle, it’s time to move to the interior of the vehicle. You’ll want to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces and vacuum the vehicle well before beginning to look closely at any salt stains. Using a dry sponge or scrub brush on mats and surfaces with salt and vacuuming them may help you get rid of the stain in the long run, so try this method first to loosen up any larger particles.

After you’ve cleaned and vacuumed the interior, it’s time to take a closer look at any areas you’ll want to treat for salt stains. Most likely, the only thing you’ll have to do a deep clean on is your vehicle’s floor mats and carpet. If you have fabric interior you may have salt stains there as well. In general, leather and less porous surfaces don’t hold salt stains.

For the floor mats and fabric upholstery, you can use the following steps to DIY your way through removing those stubborn stains. To get rid of the stains naturally, you’ll need hot water, white distilled vinegar, an empty spray bottle, a wash cloth or sponge, a bucket, and paper towels. You can keep your vacuum around for the end as well, if you prefer.

  1. In the spray bottle, make a solution of 50% hot water and 50% white vinegar. Shake vigorously until the cleaning solution is thoroughly mixed. Fill a small bucket up with clean hot water for rinsing.
  2. Spray any areas with salt stains thoroughly in the mixture and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then use the wash cloth or sponge to gently loosen up the salt stain.
  3. Using a paper towel and the clean rinsing water to rinse the affected area. You should see the stains come right up.
  4. Use a dry paper towel to soak up the excess water and then let air dry.
  5. When completely dry, vacuum the area once more to get rid of any salt residue.

Get the Vehicle Professionally Detailed

If you’re not able to get the stains up on your own with the vinegar water solution, you can try using a commercial cleaner. But you might have a better chance of getting rid of the stains by simply taking your Acura vehicle to a professional auto detailer. They’ll be able to quickly and easily get rid of the stains and have you back behind the wheel in no time.

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