History of Acura

Acura vehicles are one of the most well-known on the road today. But few really remember the history of the luxury vehicle company. How exactly have they gotten to where they are today?

The 1980s

History of AcuraThe Acura brand was officially born in 1984, when Honda joined the luxury car competition after years of planning. The name “Acura” is based on the word “Acu” which means “mechanically precise or done with precision” according to the Acura website. They entered the market with two luxury cars—the HX and the Integra—which would forever change the face of the Honda Automotive company. It wasn’t until 1986, when new Acura buildings were built and service staff specially trained, that the public got to see what all the hype was about.

The 1990s

The 90s brought with it a technological jump unlike anything before. With the internet boom and all that came with it, consumers wanted more technology in the palm of their hands. The 90s also brought a huge drop in the value of the dollar compared to other world currencies. So while other companies lost money from manufacturing their vehicles elsewhere, Acura brought their manufacturing to the U.S. which not only supported the American economy but it also gave Acura the ability to grow in an otherwise poor economy. During the 90s Acura added to their line of luxury vehicles a several new models including the Legend, CL, TL, SLX, and NSX.

The 2000s

History of AcuraEarly in the 2000s, Acura pushed the limits even further with its designing and development of the MDX. It was a beautiful luxury SUV, and it was Acura’s first vehicle done completely in-house. As the decade wore on, Acura continued to grow their brand and began redesigning their lineup with second generation models which would take Acura to the next level. Now that they had a strong foothold in the industry and in the luxury vehicles class, they could take the time to really go all-out with the technology in their vehicles. From GPS to Bluetooth and DVD players, Acura was one of the leaders in technology—as they still are today.

The 2010s

Acura celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2011. Though still rather new to the game, Acura is still one of the front-runners in the luxury vehicle game. With all of the latest vehicles on the market today, Acura continues to push the envelope by including high tech features, luxury comfort features, the latest and greatest safety features, as well as powerful engines and driving mechanics. From Super Handling All-Wheel Drive to Bluetooth Hands-FreeLink and AcuraLink, Acura vehicles are the step you take when you’re ready to lean back and enjoy life.  It’s true that Acura vehicles are beautiful on the outside, but what’s on the inside is what really counts. With powerful engines, high quality materials, and entertainment features that could keep you occupied for years, the 2015 Acura lineup has it all. See what you’re missing at Montgomeryville Acura today and become part of Acura’s history.

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