How Acura HandsFreeLink Works

You are driving out of Philadelphia in moderate traffic and your cell phone rings. You may have a head set on or your smartphone may be set on speaker. But you have to reach over to grab the phone to answer it or pull over to the side of the road and stop.

The HandsFreeLink on your Acura makes taking your eyes off the road for even a second to answer your phone unnecessary. To answer the phone, you simply push the top button on the lower left side of the steering wheel to answer the phone using the Acura’s Bluetooth and smartphone connection. Your phone will be on speaker. You can use the knob on your stereo to increase the volume if necessary. You can also issue voice commands to make calls with this button. The second or lower button is used to end the call. You can transfer a call by just using the voice command to transfer. The multi-information display gauges on the dashboard will indicate who is calling. The display will also advise you of the next steps when you can look at it safely.

Over ten years ago, Acura devised methods and holders for cell phones as a result of accidents from cell phone use while driving. The iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones have evolved with many more applications over the last decade. Smartphones using the HFL must have Bluetooth capability and the app to pair with the vehicle’s system. There are several methods of pairing your Acura with the smartphone depending on the phone’s manufacturer. Instructions come with your new Acura and the phone. A YouTube video also demonstrates this procedure for the newer iPhones. Extra Features

Depending on your phone and wireless service, you may be able to store 1000 contacts and 10,000 phone numbers in the navigation system. You can also use call waiting. Bluetooth Sync must be used for these applications. HFL works with many brands of cell phones to make driving and talking on the phone safe and easy.

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