How AcuraLink First Generation Works

You’re ready to purchase a new vehicle and your research has brought you to the luxurious Acura. At Montgomeryville Acura you’ll find a nice selection of inventory for new and used vehicles. As you continue to gain information about the Acura, you come across AcuraLink First Generation, equipped in some of the vehicles. With technology ever changing, it’s convenient to be able to access information you need safely while you’re on the go. So how does it work?

AcuraLink First Generation connects you with critical information while you’re in your vehicle via satellite. Acura has completely redesigned their navigation and connectivity to integrate them with cloud services. Different features for AcuraLink are available depending on the model, trim, and year you choose from Montgomeryville Acura. Some of the features available with this technology include:

• AcuraLink Real–Time Traffic – With this feature, you get traffic and road condition information continuously updated. Better than tuning into a radio station or just checking traffic before leaving home, with your SiriusXM subscription you always have access to traffic through your navigation system, which is used to calculate route times, and it’ll even suggest the best route to take.

• AcuraLink Real–Time Weather – This information is also delivered through your SiriusXM satellite through your navigation system. It’s perfect for long trips, because it’ll create weather maps and forecasts of the whole United States.

• AcuraLink Automated Appointments – Making, canceling, or rescheduling service appointments at Montgomeryville Acura is now easier than ever. Do it automatically with this feature linked to the Bluetooth on your mobile device.

• AcuraLink Messaging – Get messages directly from AcuraLink and listen to them! The system will read the message to you, so you aren’t distracted while driving. It is available with Bluetooth from your mobile device. In addition to the above mentioned features, you can stream media as well. Play your favorite music from your playlists, cloud-based radio, podcasts, major websites, and other media content. This system will bring your new Acura online, so wherever you are, as long as you have internet access, you can link to your vehicle via a computer, tablet, or your smartphone. All of these features can be personalized as you continue to use them to automatically pull up information specific to what you regularly use.

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