How to Parallel Park Your Acura

Do you remember having to take your driver’s test and show off your parallel parking skills? For most new drivers, this was the most difficult part of the day. If you’re not in an area where you need to parallel park on a regular basis, you might still get some anxiety over the process.

When you need to parallel park in places such as Doylestown, Lansdale, and Philadelphia, it eventually becomes second nature. Of course, these days most vehicles are outfitted with fancy backup cameras, park assist technology, and features that have just been introduced in recent years. This certainly makes parallel parking easier for the driver, but the skill is still important to know.

2013 Acura ILX Philadelphia PA

2013 Acura ILX

Drivers can’t become so dependent on the technology in their Acura vehicles that they forget the important knowledge to get the job done themselves. Parallel parking is just another part of driving, and practically everyone will need to do it eventually.

The professionals at Montgomeryville Acura believe that parallel parking is important, so here’s how to parallel park your Acura.


Find a Spot to Practice Parallel Parking

Luckily, most Acura sedans are fairly compact and easy to fit into smaller parking spots. You may have to drive around for a while, though, and locate one that would be easy to complete as a beginner.

If there’s a lot of traffic and people in one location, wait patiently for a spot to open up. Never be negative toward others who are also trying to park or get inside with friends.


The Parking

car-lotOnce you find a good place to park, you might get nervous, but it’s important to just relax.

Pull the nose of your vehicle so it’s even with the car on front of you. Once you’re forward, stop and follow these important steps.


  • Turn the wheel of your vehicle all the way toward the right while holding down the brake. Make sure that you have turned the steering wheel all the way. Then turn your head and look out of the back window of your car.
  • While watching carefully, start to slowly back your vehicle up while keeping the steering wheel turned completely to the right.
  • When the right front window of the other car is even with your vehicle’s windshield, stop backing up.
  • Turn your steering wheel back to a middle position while keeping your foot on the brake. Then back up until your car clears the other vehicle.
  • Hold the brake again while you turn your steering wheel completely to the left.
  • Keep backing up until you’re in the correct position between the vehicles in front of and behind you.


Make an Appointment

Congratulations, you’ve successfully parallel parked your Acura!

If you’re in the areas of Doylestown, Lansdale, or Philadelphia and would like to view new or pre-owned vehicles or have regular service completed to your car, contact a representative at Montgomeryville Acura today!

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