Best Kosher Caterers in Philadelphia for Hanukkah

The holiday season is almost in full force, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to plan the perfect Hanukkah party! Hanukkah is starting a little late this year, with it beginning at sunset on December 24th.

catererNo matter what you’re planning for your Hanukkah celebration, whether it’s an intimate dinner with just immediate family or a giant bash for your whole community, we know you’re putting in a great deal of work. One way to relieve the stress of all the holiday planning and shopping is to have someone else do some of the work for you. Why not go with one of the best kosher caterers in Philadelphia rather than cook all the food yourself? No matter what you’re looking for, from full-service catering to pick-up-and-go, we’re sure one of these kosher caterers in Philadelphia will be the right choice!

Barclay Caterers

This family business has been serving other families with kosher catering services since 1966. They first introduced kosher cuisine to Philadelphia and have since grown, adding more families and synagogues to their list of clients every year. When you hire them for catering, they don’t just create a menu, they help with your entire event to make sure your Hanukkah party (or whatever the occasion) is exactly how you pictured it.

Betty the Caterer

If you’re looking for top-notch kosher cuisine prepared off site, Betty is the caterer for you! The tradition of Betty and Burton, the originators of Betty the Caterer, Inc., beginning in 1949, lives on through their son, Paul. You know this is one of the best kosher caterers in Philadelphia, as they’ve had the privilege of catering the annual White House Hanukkah dinner.

Boscovs A La Carte Catering

caterAnother great option for kosher caterers in Philadelphia, Boscovs A La Carte Catering specializes in formal occasions like wedding receptions and Bar Mitzvahs. If your Hanukkah party is a grander affair, this company should be just the one for you! Their signature hors d’oeuvre packages are sure to please all the guests in attendance at your holiday event.

Essen Modern Kosher Catering

It’s not hard to tell that this is one of the best kosher caterers in Philadelphia; “Kosher” is in their name! Their modern take on kosher cuisine helps remind guests of any occasion that traditional can be interesting and fun. They cater to events of all sizes, from small weddings to corporate dinners of thousands. They’ve been family-owned and operated for over 30 years, and their milk and meat kitchens supervised by Traditional Kosher Supervision offer their clients peace of mind that they’re getting the best kosher food possible.

We here at Montgomeryville Acura wish your family all the best this Hanukkah and the rest of the holiday season. Be sure to pay us a visit if you’re in the market for a new car from a quality dealer. And remember to drive safe this holiday season—those Pennsylvania roads can be rather unpredictable!