The Ultimate Guide to the Mummers Parade

The Mummers Parade is a Philadelphia tradition that takes place every New Year’s Day as men and women clad in gorgeous, elaborate costumes dance and strut their way down the city streets, all aiming to win the top prize for their work.

Guide to the Mummers Parade
The parade’s origins date back to the mid-seventeenth century, blending a variety of elements from cultures such as English, Irish, German, and African. The name Mummers is derived from the Mummers’ plays that were performed in Philadelphia during the eighteenth century as part of celebrations carried out by the working-class citizens of the city around Christmastime each year.
Because the Mummers Parade remains such a popular event in the city to this day, it can be difficult to find a good spot to watch it. So here’s a list of tips to make sure your Mummers Parade experience is one you’ll cherish.

Know the route

Knowing the route for the Mummers Parade can help you figure out where you can snag the best spot to watch it. Each division starts from one of several locations in South Philadelphia, with everyone eventually ending up at City Hall. This makes City Hall the perfect spot to watch the parade, but to do so, you must purchase tickets, which cost $20 each. For those who would prefer not to pay to see the parade, the next best views can be found in areas where the divisions will perform. 

Get there early

Since this parade draws lots of people from the Philadelphia, Doylestown, and Lansdale areas, it’s best to get into the city and secure your spot as early as possible, especially if you opt not to purchase tickets to see it by City Hall. The parade is set to start at 10 am, so it would be wise to get your spot no later than 8 am—even earlier would be better. 

Bundle up

mummers paradePhiladelphia winters can be harsh, and while weather reports for the new year have yet to be released, you can be sure that it’ll be cold. So dress in layers, especially if you plan to head out early and wait for the parade to begin. In addition, if your entire family is going with you, make sure your children wear hats, gloves, boots, and scarves to avoid getting too cold while watching the show. Best of all, with layers, it’s easy to just take off and pack up as the day gets warmer.
Philadelphia’s 114th Annual Mummers Parade is set to take place on New Year’s Day from 10 am to around 6 pm. Everyone from Philadelphia, Lansdale and Doylestown can witness a colorful costumes, great music, and so much more when they attend the parade. Perfect for the family, be sure to add attending this event to your New Year’s Day plans. Plus follow the tips listed above to ensure that you will not only have an easy and relaxing experience, but you’ll also have a fun experience that you and your whole family can share together.

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