Best Pie Shops in Philadelphia

Pi Day isn’t just a holiday for math enthusiasts. In Philly, March 14th is also a day that celebrates pie, the beloved dessert of America. No matter what you see the day as, though, Pi Day is always better with slice of pie from the best pie shops in Philadelphia.

Bredenbeck’s Bakery

Pies and baked goods are always better when they’re made from scratch—just taste any one of the pies from Bredenbeck’s Bakery. Located in the heart of Chestnut Hill, this historic pie shop has been making baked goods from scratch since it first opened in 1889. With one bite, you’ll see that there’s no comparison; their pies are better than anything you can get from the fanciest supermarkets.

pie(c)Bredenbeck’s Bakery is a historical Philly staple, but that doesn’t mean they only offer run-of-the-mill pie flavors. On top of apple, pumpkin, and other classic flavors, they can also whip up a variety of pies and baked goods that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth on Pi Day.

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Flying Monkey Bakery

Choosing just one pie for Pi Day is hard, but that’s not an issue at Flying Monkey Bakery at Reading Terminal Market. This pie shop has a variety of mini pies, including s’mores, peanut butter cup, and flourless lemon coconut. So, you can indulge in all the pies you want! Plus, Flying Monkey Bakery makes tons of whoopie pies for those that want to celebrate Pi Day with a different treat that’s just as indulgent and sweet.

However, the aspect that makes Flying Monkey Bakery one of the best is its Pumpple Cake. With two layers of cake and a pie baked into each layer, the Pumpple Cake at Flying Monkey Bakery is truly the ultimate Pi Day treat for both cake and pie lovers.

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If you look at pies as a sweet and savory treat, then you have to check out Magpie on South Street. Known for their extensive variety of artisanal pies, Magpie is essentially heaven for Philly pie lovers.

Their menu is constantly changing, and everything is always made from scratch with the freshest ingredients to provide the best flavors and textures. They have everything from Caramel Apple to Butterscotch Bourbon to satisfy all your sweet treat cravings. Plus, Magpie whips up chicken pot pies, seasonal quiches, and other savory pies as well.

If you want to take your love of pie to the next level, you should try Magpie’s Pie Milkshakes and Ice Cream Pies. They’re sweet, indulgent, and are great Pi Day treats!

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Make March 14th a wonderful day for pie and celebrate the holiday with a treat from any one of the top pie shops in Philly listed above. Trust us—you won’t be disappointed.