Top Record Stores near Montgomeryville, PA

Ever heard the phrase “everything old is new again”? Well, when it comes to music, that certainly seems to be the case. More and more young people are becoming interested in older genres, like jazz, and for every synth-heavy electronic dance single that comes out, there’s at least a few independent artists channeling folk music of yore.

recordstore(c)The same goes for the way music is being sold, too. While so much is available online, often for free, many more people are longing for the days of browsing through records for an entire afternoon at their local music store. Records may not be replacing web applications as the top way music is consumed, but they’re certainly not dead. Even new artists sometimes release albums in record format, as a way to get out the “purest” form of a recording!

Whether you have a hipster niece to buy a birthday present for or simply like looking for rare Chuck Berry records for yourself, you’re bound to have a reason to browse some music stacks. Here are our top picks for record stores near Montgomeryville, PA, to check out this winter.

Siren Records

Siren Records in Doylestown is the perfect little independent record store to support. Combat the dwindling existence of music stores by taking your own old records in to sell or trade, or check out their Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming events. They even have a great music podcast called Chloe in the Racks, where music, new and old, is discussed on a weekly basis. Located right in the Doylestown Historic District, it’s just a short drive away to enjoy some of the best music selection in this part of Pennsylvania!

Repo Records


Located in the vibrant metropolis that is Philadelphia, Repo Records is both a local institution and a truly hip spot. Originally opening in 1986 in Wayne, they’ve been operating out of their current South Street location since 1998. Punks and jazz lovers alike can find exactly what they’re looking for at Repo, one of the best record stores near Montgomeryville. You’re sure to feel right at home in this small, intimate shop where the clerks are always willing to give a good recommendation. Call ahead or stop by if you’re looking to sell old records or cassettes.

Hideaway Music

Located in Philadelphia’s vibrant Chestnut Hill, Hideaway Music is in the prime spot if you’re looking to get into the city for a day of shopping. They carry everything from new releases to rare used live recordings. They’re also your one-stop shop for all things music paraphernalia, with rare vintage posters and images of today’s top stars.

Remember, by supporting these independent record stores near Montgomeryville, PA, you’re helping support your local community—something you can’t say by shopping online or visiting a national retailer! And by continuing to buy records, you’ll be helping keep the music industry alive for generations to come. We at Montgomeryville Acura look forward to seeing you at a record store soon!