Best Restaurants Near Montgomeryville PA Your Taste Buds will Thank You For

The City of Brotherly Love may be considered a food paradise, but Philly isn’t the only place that has incredible eateries. You’ll find a bunch in the Montgomeryville area, too!

So, if you’re looking for a place that can take you to a wonderland of flavors and provide an amazing dining experience, you need to check out these top restaurants near Montgomeryville, PA.

The Farmer’s Daughter

Located inside of the historic Normandy Farm Hotel, The Farmer’s Daughter is heaven for anyone that loves farm-to-table restaurants. Every item on their extensive menu is made using heirloom and locally sourced ingredients for a fresh and flavorful meal. With a bar and bake shop, you can indulge in a few drinks and sweet treats as well!

Dig into This: For a classy and downright delicious meal, order the filet mignon from The Farmer’s Daughter. This 8-oz. cut is locally sourced and cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Plus, it’s paired with spicy parmesan purple sweet potatoes, white asparagus, and bleu cheese herb butter for a rich, fresh, and well-balanced taste that’ll make you consider ordering seconds.

To book your table, connect with The Farmer’s Daughter on Facebook.

OOKA Montgomeryville

If you’re looking for a good sushi place, don’t settle for anything less than OOKA Montgomeryville. Ideal for any sushi lover, this award-winning restaurant offers a variety of some of the best rolls you can find in the area. If you truly want to have some fun at dinner, OOKA features an expansive Hibachi area where their talented chefs will put on a show of cooking your dinner right in front of you.

Dig into This: As a top sushi restaurant in Montgomeryville, you really can’t go wrong with sushi and sashimi at OOKA. Each roll is made with the freshest fish and ingredients, so you know it’ll be delicious.

If you want something that’s a bit heavier, try their sea bass & NY strip Hibachi dinner. It features perfectly cooked sea bass and steak, and it’s served with soup, salad, white rice, vegetables, and Hibachi shrimp and noodles.

Reserve your table and connect with OOKA Montgomeryville on Facebook to learn more about everything they have to offer now!

Tex Mex Connection

Tex Mex Connection has been giving us northerners a true taste of Tex-Mex cuisine since 1984. From their tacos and burritos to their famous fajitas, every item on their menu is made from scratch, so it’s always delectable and delicious. Plus, each bite delivers a punch of flavor that’ll make you feel like you’ve been transported to culinary Tex-Mex heaven.

Dig into This: Everything at Tex Mex Connection is mouth-watering, but the standout item on the menu is their fajitas. Marinated in their original sauce and stuffed with sautéed peppers and onions, the only ways to describe them are unique and tasty.

You can choose between grilled Portobello, chicken, steak, or shrimp. Also, they offer gluten-free corn tortillas so you can make your perfect fajita.

For more information about their menu and how you can make reservations at this restaurant, check out Tex Mex Connection on Facebook