How to Set up Bluetooth in Your New Car Montgomeryville, PA

Your Acura’s Bluetooth – What You Need To Know When Driving around Montgomeryville, PA

Almost every new car on the market today has a Bluetooth function.  Acura is a leader in this category, providing high-quality Bluetooth options on many popular models.  Bluetooth allows you to place and make calls from your smartphone without using your hands.  This reduces distractions and improves safety on the road.  Using Bluetooth around the Montgomeryville, Lansdale and Doylestown areas, allows you to stream popular music services like Pandora or play music stored on your smartphone via your car’s audio system.

Some people find it tricky to set up their new Bluetooth system, so let’s provide a quick overview of setting up the Bluetooth connection on your new Acura. As an example, we’ll use the new Acura ILX and an iPhone. Set up with an Android phone is very similar.

Connect To Your Acura’s Audio System Using an iPhone:

  1. Press the “Phone” screen button on your car’s dashboard
  2. Open your phone’s settings and click on “Bluetooth”.
  3. Turn Bluetooth on.  Your iPhone will start searching for available devices (i.e. your car’s system) to connect or pair with.
  4. On your car’s dashboard screen, a prompt will ask you to connect or add a device.  Select “Yes”.
  5. After a few seconds, your phone will appear in the list of devices on your car’s dashboard screen.
  6. Select your iPhone.
  7. To confirm the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and car, you may be prompted to enter a code on your iPhone that is read to your by your car’s voice system.  Enter the code and press “Pair” on your iPhone.
  8. Alternatively, you will be asked to compare two codes:  one on your iPhone screen and the identical code on your car’s dashboard screen.  Compare the codes and press “Pair” on your iPhone.
  9. An auto-sync option will appear on your car’s dashboard screen.  This downloads your phone’s contact list.  Select the “on” option.
  10. When your iPhone’s Bluetooth is active, it will automatically pair with your car’s system once you enter the car.  If there are multiple devices in the car with Bluetooth-enabled options, your car will prompt you to select which device to pair.

Connect To Your Acura’s Audio System Via Bluetooth On An Android Phone:

  1. The first prompt on your Acura’s dashboard screen will ask if you want to connect a device.  Select “Yes”.
  2. Next, make sure your Android smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on and set to discoverable.  In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, there’s usually an option that allows you to make the phone visible or discoverable.
  3. Once discoverable, your phone’s Bluetooth will be detected by the Acura’s system.  On the dashboard screen, you will receive a prompt to add a Bluetooth device – your smartphone should be on that list.
  4. You will be prompted to compare a series of numbers on the dashboard screen and your phone.  Select “Pair” on your device.
  5. Once paired, the setup of your Bluetooth connection will be complete.  Your Acura’s system will begin syncing all your phone’s contacts and call history.
  6. During this sync, your smartphone may have an option of “Do not ask me again”.  Select this option to automatically sync contact list and call history every time you connect.

Acura MDX MontgomeryvilleThe New Acura Lineup in Montgomeryville

There are exciting 2016 and 2017 vehicles in Acura’s lineup.  From the luxury ILX, the new 2017TLX, and RLX sedans to the crossover and SUV-themes in the MDX, Acura provides a range of luxury-based, highly-rated, and industry-leading models to choose from.  Visit Montgomeryville Acura (located just north of Philadelphia) today to learn more and see our full lineup of the newest Acura models.

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