Signs your Acura needs a Tune Up

The Acura is one of the most well-known and well liked models of the Honda line. Consider the luxury class of Honda vehicles it offers beautiful style with top of the line efficiency. Like every other car, the Acura needs regular maintenance and tune ups to remain in top form and get the best gas mileage possible. There are several signs that indicate a tune up is needed.

Loss of Power

The loss of overall power in a motor or engine can indicate an Acura needs a tune up. Fuel filters and pumps can become plugged with debris from the gas tank. This can cause the engine to stall or “cut out.” Changing the fluids and replacing all of the filters will do a lot to solve the problem. Once the fuel pump and filter are changed, it may also work wonders at improving fuel economy.

Hard to Start

Engines that are hard to start may indicate a new air filter or starter assembly is needed. Belts and bearings can also wear and give out causing the car to be hard to start and even harder to keep running smoothly. Once various components in the car’s ignition systems have been changed or repaired, starting the car will be much easier.

Heavy Exhaust Odor

An Acura that carries a heavy exhaust odor can mean several things. It can mean there is an exhaust leak, or in more severe cases, the mixture of fuels is not accurate causing too much to be used at one time. This can lead to poor gas mileage and damage to the interior of the engine. It is also important to check the exhaust pipes and mufflers to make sure they have not been damaged or blocked in any way.


Knocking or pinging can mean the moving parts of the engine are not receiving enough lubrication to function efficiently. Without the proper amount of oil to keep the parts running smoothly, they can begin to wear. This can lead to excessive damage to the internal parts of the engine and cause it to overheat destroying seals and gaskets that keep engine fluids from leaking.

Poor Gas Mileage

The Acura model is known for its exceptional gas mileage. If, for some reason, the car begins to use more fuel than normal, it may indicate the need for a tuneup. Changing the filters and the fluids along with checking the belts, suspension and tires can go a long way in improving a car’s gas mileage.

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