Spoil your Acura with a Multipoint Inspection during Car Care Month

As an Acura owner, you have a discerning eye, a refined taste, and a penchant for detail. You prefer quality over quantity; you’d rather invest in top-of-the-line products, equipment, and service than waste your time or resources in selecting options and services that aren’t up to par. As a result, you understand not only the importance of making routine maintenance appointments at Montgomeryville’s Vehicle Service Department but also keeping those appointments because you respect and appreciate the highly-skilled and experienced technicians employed at Montgomeryville Acura. 


Now that you’ve spoiled yourself and your family with a new Acura, it’s time to ready your Acura for spring driving and spoil it with the Service Department’s state-of-the-art, multi-point inspection. Here’s what you and your Acura can enjoy:

Oil Inspection

Sure, you can always opt to wait for your “check oil” warning to sound or to compare your odometer reading to the recommend mileage reading put on that clear sticker in the corner of your windshield telling you when to visit your Service Department, but with a multi-point inspection, your oil will be checked for you at that time. Maybe you’ve had to do lots more traveling for work this past season than you anticipated. Just because your “check oil” light is not on doesn’t mean you may not need to have your vehicle’s oil drained.


Oil Filter Inspection

Though your Acura’s oil filter is only about the size of a hot chocolate mug, it’s got a pretty big job for your car’s engine. The oil filter keeps the engine oil pure by “filtering out” the seemingly-harmless and miniscule specks of dirt and metal shavings that can get in your engine’s oil. If your oil filter hasn’t been changed in a long time, these abrasive materials can cause a domino effect – wearing down your engine bearings, causing low oil pressure, and finally devastating our engine. To avoid having the same old dirty oil re-circulating around your engine, you must get your filter checked and routinely changed. Montgomeryville’s Service Department includes this service with their multi-point inspection.

Tire Inspection

Multi-point inspections include, of course, what everything you care about is riding on – your car’s tires. At Montgomeryville Acura, they’ll not only check to see if your tires have just the right amount of air but also if they need to be rotated.


Wiper Blades and Windshield Inspection

No matter how luxurious your vehicle and no matter how well you take care of it and park it in the garage each night – sometimes things can happen to it that you have no control over and don’t know about until you try to use the function. Wiper blades and windshields can suddenly become damaged without you notice anything straightaway. Montgomeryville’s Service Department makes it a point to include these two items on your multi-point inspections so that they are safe and reliable when you need them – which is whenever you are driving!

Other Items Inspected

In addition to all the components of your vehicle listed here, the multi-inspection checklist includes many other points as well, including: your brakes and your battery. They’ll show you a detailed checklist and what they found in each. After they’ve repaired whatever needed fixing, they’ll keep a copy of the checklist on file so that when you return for your next service visit, you don’t have worry about remembering what they did for you!  They’ve got it all on record for you!

The only way to maintain the performance and longevity of your Acura is to take care of it – to steadfastly adhere to its all scheduled routine maintenance appointments.

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