Top 5 Car Seats for your Acura RDX

Your children are precious and they must be protected when you drive. The Acura RDX has a five-star safety rating for front and side crashes in the extensive testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Each vehicle has ten airbags, including side-curtain bags.

Your baby under 30 pounds must be in a car seat that protects the child’s head from injuries as well as other parts of the body. The car seats must be fastened securely to the seat using the seat belts or the LATCH system available in the Acura RDX. The Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children keep the car seat in place even with quick stops and sudden impact. The Acura RDX also has upper tether anchors in the rear seat to keep car seats in place without using the belts.

Car seats manufactured after 2002 have the frames necessary for the lower anchoring with a seat belt or LATCH system bar.

Consumer Reports list five car seats that offer the best protection for infants and toddlers.


Chicco KeyFit

The Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit-30 are rated the top car seats by Consumer Reports. These seats are easy to install with LATCH bars or seat belts. The seats offer side and top protection for infants and toddlers. The restraints can be adjust for any size baby including newborns. 

Parents will find it easy to place the child in the well-padded seats. The KeyFit-30 is designed for larger babies and toddlers up to 30 pounds.

Combi Shuttle

The Combi Shuttle is easy to install with seat belts or LATCH bars. This car seat is large enough for a 35-pound child measuring 33 inches which means that you can probably use it longer with the attachable base. The weight limit is 22 pounds without the base.

Cybex Anton 2

This European designed car seat comes with a leg load that extends to the floor of the vehicle. This prevents any rotation of the car seat in the event of a crash. The tension system works best with LATCH in the Acura RDX and other vehicles. The leg load feature may prevent the seat from being installed in the center back seat in some cars with a raised center area.

Safety First onBoard Air

This car seat will hold a toddler up to 35 pounds. It is easy to install with LATCH or seat belts. It has extra padding on the sides for support from unexpected impact.

UPPAbaby Mesa

This car seat is easy to install with LATCH and tells you when the tension is right. This car seat also passed the crash tests with high marks.

Consumer Reports testing labs use dummies of various sizes in car seats and runs tests based on 35 mph frontal crashes. The dummies are carefully examined for damage. The car seat manufacturers also run similar tests.


A good quality car seat that will last two or even three years will costs between $160 and $300. The Cybex Anton 2 was the most expensive at $300.

Another Acura safety feature is a detection system that does not allow windows or the moon roof to close if fingers of any size or any other obstacles are detected. 

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