Wheel Alignment

When you buy a new car, the wheels are adjusted to be in perfect alignment, making the car run smoothly and with as little effort as possible. Over time, however, potholes, rocks and normal wear and tear on the wheel mechanism causes this adjustment to go askew and you need to take your car in for a wheel alignment. Basically, wheel alignment is the relation of each wheel to each of the others and to the ground. It works with steering, gas mileage, smoothness of ride and tire wear.

How Can I Tell When Alignment is Off

  • Uneven wear – When perfectly aligned, your tires wear down evenly. One of the first signs that there is an alignment issue is seeing the wear on one side of the tire becoming worse than the the other side.
  • Squealing – Uneven tires may squeal as the mechanism works at an odd angle when turning.
  • Car doesn’t stay straight – If your car is pulling to either the right or left when you are trying to go straight, your tires are out of alignment

Why is Alignment Important

  • Steering – Aligned tires help keep your steering and suspension systems working properly
  • Tire life – The longer wheels are out of alignment, the quicker your tires wear out and need replaced
  • Gas Mileage – A car that needs to work harder uses more fuel. With today’s gas prices, you could be spending a lot more on gas if not properly aligned.

Can I Help Keep My Wheels Aligned

By keeping even tire air pressure and avoiding as many bumpy, pot-hole filled roads as possible, you may be able to lengthen the time needed between realignments, but unless your car never goes anywhere, you will eventually need to have it done. It is suggested that every 6000 miles is the ideal length of time to go between alignments.

Where to go

Many service departments and dealerships have wheel alignment services. Montgomeryville Acura in Montgomeryville, PA can help direct you to good places in the area. Stop by and see what they have to offer in the way of a new Acura while you are there. You won’t have to worry about a wheel alignment for at least 6000 miles.

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