When to Replace Windshield Wipers

One constant in owning a car, is the necessity of doing preventative maintenance. Such tasks as getting regular tune ups and oil changes are usually done at the dealership, due to their ability to complete them effectively. We, as car owners, do not usually go to the dealership to replace the wiper blades. This is more often than not done by our local gas station or we attempt to do it ourselves. But as long as we are at the dealership to get that oil change or tune up, it really is cost and time effective to have them replace your windshield blades as well. It probably will add only five to fifteen minutes to your dealership visit, and will not bankrupt you either.

It is always better to replace a piece of equipment before you need it, then wait until the situation become an emergency to deal with it. You really do not want to be driving in the rain, and have the wiper blades fall off, or smear your field of vision to the point where an accident is a real possibility. Your safety and those of your  passengers should be more valuable than the minimal cost of the windshield wiper blades. The quicker the replacement is completed the better.

It is an excellent idea to clean your windshield of dirt and grime, so that the new wipers will be more effective. Another good idea is to treat them with a spray cleaner to allow better contact by the wipers to the windshield. As important as clean eyeglasses are to seeing, the same goes true for a clean windshield and replacement wiper blades. So periodically run a damp towel over the wiper blades to ascertain that they are in working order. If they are deficient in some way, there is no time like the present,to have them replaced   “better to be safe than sorry,” This is a good motto to follow when it comes to safety equipment on your car.

What criteria should we look at to determine when to replace the wiper blades?

  • A broken frame
  • Metal corrosion
  • Visible cracks and tears, and missing pieces in the rubber squeegee’s edge
  • A lessening of driving visibility
  • Streaking on windshield

How can you extend the life of your wiper blades?

  1. Pull your wiper blades away from windshield in winter months to prevent them sticking on windshield
  2. If you cannot install it yourself, some auto parts stores will do this, providing you purchased them there
  3. Be sure to change the rear wiper blade on a SUV ,minivan, or hatchback
  4. Clean blades every time you get gas

So if you live in Montgomeryville, and are in the market to purchase a new Acura for your family, you should be aware that there will be certain service tasks that you may have to learn to complete yourself. Changing the wiper blades is not difficult once you have done it at least once. According to the experts you should change the blades twice a year, contingent upon usage and weather conditions. But if you are going to be there anyway, let the service department take care of this minor task, so you can have more piece of mind.  Montgomeryville Acura will be glad to assist you with this and any other tasks you desire, regarding your Acura.

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